This is my amazing son Jake

and his trusted friend, Ted Ted,

the inspiration behind this book.

Jake has Asperger’s Syndrome, 

which is a form of Autism,

Sensory Processing Disorder,

Sleep Disorder including night

terrors, ADHD, some Tourette’s

ticks, delayed processing and

high anxiety.

Sadly life has never been easy

for Jake. His difficulties affect

every part of his life and

consequently that of his family.

Being in an unfamiliar noisy place 

surrounded by lots of people,

sounds and smells can be 



His first attempt at school was an unmitigated disaster, as Jake and his conditions were not understood. He was labelled by staff and classmates as naughty and refusing to follow instructions, rather than unable to because of his diagnosed disabilities. He was emotionally damaged by some of the teaching staff's treatment of him and by nasty class-room bullies. We reached the point where he could take no more and so Jake spent 5 months being home schooled, before we tried again with Vickerstown Primary School, which is the strategic resource for autism in this area. It was our last shot at mainstream education. What a difference the right school makes to your life!

We got our happy little boy back, he made friends overnight and after five happy years surrounded by dedicated staff and children who understood and catered for his conditions, he left primary school having passed everyone of his SATs.

Not bad for a boy who we had been led to believe was unteachable!! 

When a child is understood and their needs catered for, then the child relaxes. They can start to overcome obstacles that hinder learning, develop friendships, begin to learn, and start to reach their full potential. Jake is now happily progressing at age expected levels, in a mainstream secondary school, who also understand and support his complex needs. As well as being an extra on the second series of The A-Word, he also helps to raise Autism Awareness. 







This book explains why children with Autism behave the way they do. If everyone around the child understands them, then life can be good. Sadly, even children with Autism who can speak, often cannot effectively communicate. This book does that for them. I don’t want any child to be placed in the same heart-breaking position Jake was in ever again and if this book helps just one child then I’m happy.